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We are digital marketing and media publishers that get brands discovered online.

An Innovative Business Built To Build Modern Brands.

Golden Gorilla Media was launched in 2021 by Mark Good.

Mark has been working in online marketing since 2006. When working with some of the biggest names in UK financial services, travel & leisure and online bingo, slots, casino & sports – you need to quickly learn what the most important experiences are for users on the internet, how to get brands discovered (in particular when users are in peak state buying mode), and how to win those customers back over and over again.


Our Mission

Launch digital brands, products and services then scale them using digital media publishing and internet marketing.


Our Vision

Develop a portfolio of assets across multiple industries, niches and geo’s that help users make better purchase decisions online.


Our Approach

Create content that users and search engines love.

Online gaming is where Mark found his greatest success to date. 

Successfully building and scaling the Newcastle Upon Tyne based business Rocket 9 (later rebranded as Rocket X and then LeoVegas UK) [1] to a profitable seven-figure monthly marketing spend and a high, eight-figure exit for the owners in 2018. [2]

The team at Golden Gorilla Media are passionate about launching, building and scaling brands on the internet.

We do this through bespoke service contracts and establishing digital joint ventures.

During our journey, we had many discussions about the types of issues and challenges people were facing when trying to grow a business using the internet.

And that has shaped our mission, to cut through the ‘techno-babble’ and rapidly grow businesses using the internet.

Mark Good
Founder of Golden Gorilla Media

Our Team

Building Brands To Seven-Figure Revenue

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Mark Good

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