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Golden Gorilla Media Celebrates Performance Boost & Targets Growth Through Expansion

Digital assets of the UK startup are surging to the top of search engine results.

golden gorilla media charts upward success
Golden Gorilla Media Celebrates Digital Growth

Independent digital media publisher Golden Gorilla Media is celebrating its upward trajectory and company momentum after it increased the visibility of its managed brands, including Casino Sites Online and Bingo Sites Guru, in search engine results by an incredible 9,800% over the past two months.

Golden Gorilla Media achieved the growth following the completion of keyword research, content publication and business partner development projects.

Golden Gorilla Media Reaping Rewards

Hijacking digital search trends in various markets (particularly the online gaming market) the digital marketing business is reaping the rewards of their consistent hard work over recent months, having developed trusted, bleeding-edge content that informs and guides their target audience of busy multi-screeners.

The Newcastle Upon Tyne-based team has been optimising content and partner relationships to provide the greatest experience for users and the complex algorithms used by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing that determine a web page’s significance.

Golden Gorilla Media Founder and Director Mark Good was thrilled with the progress.

“With every passing week, we are getting better and faster at producing relevant and relatable content and finding new partnerships that broaden the digital footprint of our managed brands”, said Mark.

Alongside the current portfolio of managed brands, Golden Gorilla Media will introduce new assets to the market in related geo’s and sectors over the coming months. 

About Golden Gorilla Media Limited 

Founded in 2021, Golden Gorilla Media is a UK-based marketing company developing a platform of assets for digital media publishing. 

Launched by online gaming industry expert Mark Good, Golden Gorilla Media utilises cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and technology to create, publish, distribute and promote content that reaches and engages digital audiences.


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